Team Recruitment

TEAM Recruitment

Department of Immunology

Medical University of Warsaw, Poland

TEAM Program of the Foundation for Polish Science

operated within the Innovative Economy Operational Program 2007-2013



Program description: We are investigating molecular mechanisms of antitumor effects induced by photodynamic therapy (PDT). The aim of our studies is to better understand how tumor cells die and how to exploit this knowledge for improved anticancer treatment. We investigate the influence of photodynamic therapy on the immune response against tumor cells, and how to modulate it for improved antitumor efficacy and try to modulate it for improved antitumor efficacy. We would like to recruit one student for a research project entitled: ”Improvement of antitumor effectiveness of photodynamic therapy” funded by the Foundation for Polish Science operated within the Innovative Economy Operational Program 2007-2013. Expected termination date of the project is December 2012. Students from all countries are invited to apply:



Essential criteria for candidates:

- completed 3rd  year of studies (or started Masters studies)

- ability to complete desired programs safely within prescribed deadlines with sufficient accuracy and precision

- good communication skills in written and oral English

- ability to work efficiently within a team


Desirable criteria:

  • previous experience in photodynamic therapy (PDT)
  • previous hands on experience in basic sciences


Admission procedure

The admission procedure will be carried out in two steps. First, the applicants are requested to submit application documents: [1] motivation letter [which clearly states that the Applicant meets essential criteria for the project], [2] CV with a list of publications, [3] and a certificate from the University indicating the student status [4]. Shortlisting will be carried out within 1 week after the closing date. Applications will be assessed against person specification criteria and 2-3 applicants per one vacancy will be invited for interview. During the interview candidates will be scored with regard to communication skills, teamwork and project competency. Successful candidates will be offered a position within 1 week after the interview date.


Important dates:

  • Deadline for submission of application documents – July 1st, 2011
  • Interview – July 12th, 2011
  • Final decision – July 13th, 2011